Tuesday 29 May 2007

So womanly

While cleaning out my closet the other day, I threw out some tiny pieces of clothing. It’s amazing how I could fit into those things 5 years ago! Then again, I was at least 10 pounds lighter then.

Like all women, I whine about my weight all the time. I started watching my diet in my teens, to my parents’ dismay. Friends tried to convince me I wasn't fat but I never believed them. When I look at my old photos now, I realize I was indeed fit and trim.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I have learned to accept my slightly softer silhouette. Well, to be honest, no woman will ever come to terms with a rounder figure. Mum is so kind to tell me that it's nice to have a womanly figure. People tell me I look more radiant now. Of course that extra layer of fat does plump up the skin…

I’m wearing an old pair of khakis which used to swivel around my hips. Today it’s clinching tightly around my waist. If this thing is going to creep up on me surreptitiously despite my exercise regime and healthy diet, I guess I have to embrace it. Mum is probably right. Better to be womanly and healthy than gaunt and sickly.

Oh, wait! I just read a report from the American Heart Association. Apparently women who lift weights twice a week can prevent or at least slow the middle-aged spread.

Sheesh, middle-aged spread… is that what they call it? Sigh. Let me go lift some weights.


Anonymous said...

More woman to love!

Amel said...

One experience is that in Asia women tend to be "smaller/slimmer/thinner" because of the body proportion. After some of my friends move to Germany, Holland, and USA, they all feel better about their body weight as the women/girls around them have bigger body proportion than Asians.

But yeah, body weight is sometimes a tricky issue, esp. for girls in a world where models/actresses get thinner and thinner and thinner. One of my friends says that trying to lose weight can be addictive. Once you reach a certain goal, you'll still feel as though your thighs/belly/whatever part of your body look big and then you set another goal and it keeps on going and going.

I guess the balance should be in staying healthy (eating right and exercising regularly) and setting a realistic goal and then be content with it. But most of all I think it's about your own self acceptance, loving yourself as is, not loving yourself "after I get thinner or after I get this and that".

Besides, even though the WHOLE WORLD tells you that you're beautiful/sexy/slim, if you can't believe it yourself, then their opinion means nothing.

Ahhh...I'm rambling again he he he...

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