Thursday, 18 September 2008

Another surprise!

An innocent looking brown parcel arrived at my office this morning. It's from Oregon. Mother Hen must be up to something good again.

I ripped off the wrapping quickly to see Mr Quaker staring at me. Hmmm. She can't be sending me oats all the way from Oregon right?

The box was sealed so tightly I had to cut open with a pair of scissors.

One more layer of bubble wrap to go and....

Tada! Cedar balls and wood blocks to keep my house smelling nice and fresh.

She's the Mother Hen who cares alot about mother nature and she knows that I love natural products like this. According to her, 100% USA made cedar products are hard to find these days. It contains natural aromatics that repel moths, mildew and other pests while absorbing moisture and mustiness. Thank you my dear friend!!


Charlie Hotel said...

You got wood!

Nick Phillips said...

Wow, you got cool blogging friends who sends you great stuff. I wish some of mine would start sending me thing ... *hint,hint* ... LOL!

jyankee said...

Yep..... MH is obviously a real good friend of yours!!!

Amel's Realm said...

HURRAYYYYY for such a caring friend!!!!! Lucky you! :-D