Saturday, 6 September 2008

Nieces and dog

This morning I woke up without Rusty by my side. Yah, it feels weird not having him peering at me when I'm awake but in someways it is a feeling of relief too.

We left him at my parent's place after dinner last night. All of us stood around, looking for signs and asking ourselves, "You think he'll miss us?"

"You think he's happy here?"

"I'm think I'm going to cry. Let's just go."

Having Rusty around in a small apartment is like having a little kid who needs to be fed, washed and cleaned up after. I'm constantly worried if he needs to go for a walk, or if he's bored and lonely. And there's fur all over the rugs, floor and sofa to deal with constantly.

When he arrived at the farm yesterday, he was racing around the vast yard with Cookie, searching for birds and lizards, stomping over mud and skipping through the grassland. He was in his element. He felt so at home!

When it was time for us to leave, he stood next to Cookie at the porch watching us go. He didn't even follow us to the car. We, on the otherhand, were feeling so teary and sad. Here's a photo of Rusty in our apartment.

On a separate note, we were happy to see everyone again. All my 3 nieces seemed to have grown taller again after one week. The youngest one now has a healthy appetite and a mind of her own. She insisted on feeding herself yesterday. Look at her!

Eating chocolate cake.

Her face was all covered with chocolate!

The oldest and the youngest.


jyankee said...

Yep...all dogs need that space and freedom... visits are good...even for Rusty!

Amel's Realm said...

I've just cried my eyes out watching a movie about a dog. Visit my blog to see what it's all about he he he...

LOVE your pics! And I understand that you're sad when leaving Rusty behind, though Rusty probably likes it more there.