Saturday, 20 September 2008


I went to the screening of Diminishing Memories by independent filmmaker Eng Yee Peng expecting to cry buckets as I walk down the nostalgic journey with her. Indeed, I shed enough tears especially when it came to the part when they had to leave dogs behind at the kampung. Until now, she still wonders about the fate of her dogs Johnny as well as Coppy (I had a dog named Coppy too) and Roxy. It was very touching.

She's an excellent filmmaker who managed to produce two very good pieces of work single handedly. She was practically running a one-woman show from start to finish, right down to funding and promoting her works. Her passion just resonates in everything she does, it is simply infectious. The documentaries are about her attachment to her childhood kampung and finally letting go.

When I spoke to her mum after the screening, I realised we used to live so close to each other. I felt a special kind of connection talking to Yee Peng and her mum, it was all very heart warming. I wish them all the best.

Chatting with her mum after the show.

We took a train to The Art House where the show was held and took some photos along the way.

Look at our skinny legs!

Boat Quay in the background.

The Fullerton Hotel.

Another view of the hotel.

It was such a hot day, CH bought ice cream!

Asian Civilisation Museum.

The first F1 night race is happening soon. 28th Sept to be exact. So there's alot of buzz in the city.

We were starving after the screening. CH and I walked to Lau Par Sat food centre for dinner before heading to the Containart Pavilion, one of the most exciting exhibits of Singapore Biennale 2008. Being a container reseller, anything to do with containers fascinates me. The Containart Pavilion is an architectural creation by internationally well-known Japanese artist Shigeru Ban constructed using 150 twenty-foot long shipping containers and 34 ten-metre recyclable paper tubes. It was simply awesome!


Inside the pavilion.

APL/NOL is the main sponsor of the containers. Naturally, there's a publicity area for this shipping line. The exhibition you see above is inside a 20ft container.

Outside the Containart Pavilion, artists Alfredo Juan Aquilizan and Maria Isabel Aquilizan (Philippines) created an “underwater world of fishes” by recycling about 6000 old slippers which are mounted on sticks.

These round pillars are made of huge recycled paper tubes.

Seeing snow - an optical snowscape illusion by Hans Op de Beeck.

Installation art in the CBD.


Amel's Realm said...

WOW!!! Interesting picssssss...Sounded like such a WONDERFUL day! :-))))

jyankee said...

Wow.. I didn't know about the Containerart Pavilion...I am fascinated with containers you looks simply amazing and I didn't know it was created by a Japanese architect!

The World According To Me said...

I would of been in tears too.

Wow, love the photos. Very artistic shots!