Friday, 26 September 2008

Saturday grumbles

It's Saturday and I am doing housework. Even though Rusty has been gone for weeks, I'm still sweeping up his fur from under the sofa and bed. YK is in the living room, concentrating on his laptop.

Me: Your exam's only weeks away, aren't you even worried at all?
YK: Of course I'm worried!
Me: Then shouldn't you be studying instead of playing online games?
YK: I'm playing for a while only... I'll stop soon.
Me: If you're gonna stop but end up sitting in front of the TV, it's the same thing...

YK mutes his game while I continue sweeping. If mummy can't hear him playing games, it's ok. I remember mum would say "You're only cheating yourself. It's your own funeral!" when I pretended to study in my room.

Last week, SK came running to be excitedly, "Daddy says he's moving and he's giving me his XBox. Can you go collect?"

No. We don't need an XBox in the house. Thank you very much!

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Nick Phillips said...

Kids are the same everywhere in this world. Even on exam days, my boys don't look at all worried!