Sunday, 7 September 2008

Back to school

The one-week school break is officially over. SK and I had to lure Rusty into the kitchen before slipping out of the house this morning. As soon as we shut the door, Rusty began whining and barking which woke YK up. That didn't stop until I returned home 30 minutes later.

YK has a biology paper to do later in school this morning but he's been playing on-line games. It's no wonder he dreamt about getting 'zeros' for all his exam papers that night. He had better get down to some serious studying or it may soon become a reality.

Rusty has been fed and walked. I even gave him a good scrub this morning, followed by a blow-dry session which he seemed to enjoy very much. Because of him, I'm still at home, wondering what I should do with him now.

Should I work from home to keep him company or can I smuggle him into the office? Maybe I should just send him to my parent's place. I can't possibly leave him alone at home. He'll be terrified.

Now you know why it's such a headache having him over. While he enjoys our company, he likes the freedom at the farm. Like what the boys say, "He can't have his cake and eat it."

Maybe he can, if he shuttles between the two homes. Then isn't it an irony that I don't have to drive the boys around anymore but I've found myself a new passenger? Oh, my little Rusty!


Nick Phillips said...

I like Rusty and I'd probably be in the same predicament like you if I had a dog like him ... :D

jyankee said...

Me too.. I like Rusty, but he refused to get out of the he wanted to go with you..which means he'll have to get used to the new house rules! LOL

Blur Ting said...

Sorry folks, I sent him back to the farm this morning. It's a tough decision but I think he's better off there during the work week cos he has my parents, domestic helper and nieces around. Plus he has his doggie friends and freedom to go walk, run or crap anytime he feels like.

ckl said...

Poor Rusty, guess it's hard for him to choose between mummy & freedom. I think the weekday there/weekend here arrangement might just work out fine.

Blur Ting said...

CKL - Yah, as a dog lover, I'm sure you know the dilemmas of an owner and even the dog's. During the year end holidays, he'll get to stay with us for 2 months. Maybe after that, he'll get used to living there like we had originally planned.