Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Half baked

I got home yesterday evening to a nice aroma of cinnamon apple pie wafting through the kitchen. YK and his friend were trying to bake an apple pie in the teeny weeny toaster. They couldn't understand why the crust wouldn't cook even after 2 hours.

But of course, I told them. You need to bake the pie crust first before putting the apple filling and crumbly topping. I must admit they're quite smart. They diced some green granny smith apples and caramelised them nicely in a pan. They even managed to buy the right ingredients from the supermarket based on gut feel. I'm impressed they bought cinnamon powder! What they lack is the baking experience and a proper oven.

They were going to dump the half-baked pie but I told them I'll eat it. It's a great effort. The pie may not be perfect but it's still delicious to me.

Only trouble is, they made a mess in the kitchen. The counter top was sprinkled with flour. The sink was filled with so many bowls, forks and spoons (I wonder why they needed so many), bits of apple skin and a caramel crusted pan. In future, they had better clean up the mess before I get home!


The Real Mother Hen said...

hahaha, men are like that, they just don't clean up :)

well, he is a pretty creative chef, and hopefully I'll get to try his cooking someday in the future :)

Amel's Realm said...

Yes, it's good to teach the kids that they need to clean up their mess, but APPLAUSE for their effort!!! I wouldn't know that I needed to buy cinnamon if I hadn't looked up the recipes on the internet he he he...