Thursday, 4 September 2008

Shopper and cook

For many years, I didn't have to buy groceries or think about what to eat for dinner. Dad takes care of the marketing and dinner is cooked when I get home. When I was traveling in France, I used to look at these office workers carrying a loaf of freshly baked baguette on their way home with envy, wondering when I could be in their shoes.

Now that I'm the shopper and the cook, I am really relishing this new-found role. So much so that I'm always shooting what I cook. CH, who was here last night, asked, "What's your camera doing in the kitchen?" I looked at him sheepishly, "For my blog..."

I went to pick up YK's laptop at the Sony service centre in the late afternoon and conveniently walked into Giant Hypermarket to see what's in store. I haven't actually planned the menu for dinner but smelling the freshly roasted chicken coming out of the rotisserie made me decide to grab one right away. I chose a honey roasted one.

CH had been talking about having a soupy dinner. I should surprise him with Kimchi soup. I remember vaguely how our Korean friend EY made her delicious soup that night, so I was eager to try. While looking for Inoki mushrooms, I came across these cute french brown button mushrooms on offer. These will be the perfect complement to the roast chicken.

Back home, I got busy in the kitchen and texted CH to come for his soupy dinner.

Since we're having meat for dinner, I prepared a pineapple salad seasoned with some salt, balsamic vinegar and chopped coriander.

The kimchi soup simmering on the stove. The ingredients include sliced pork, kimchi, chinese cabbage, carrot and inoki mushrooms. For the stock, I used water from washed rice, chicken stock and miso paste. The meat became very tender after simmering over low heat for 30 minutes, everyone enjoyed it which was rather surprising as the boys never really liked pork.

Here's the french brown mushrooms. There are some white button mushrooms in there too.
I sauteed them in olive oil and garlic and soon a wonderful buttery scent filled the kitchen.

I like this dish very much. The mushrooms were still a little crunchy but tender and so tasty!


Nick Phillips said...

It was more of a culture shock for me. One minute I had all my groceries taken care of by mom, the next thing I know, I got married, have kids and am now doing the shopping instead. It was a huge culture shock the first time I did grocery shopping. I was like a novice la! LOL!

But now, I'm such an expert (ahem) that I can tell you where to get the best deals even ... hehehe ...

That mushroom dish is something my wife loves to make and eat, all by herself, cos I absolute can't stand the taste of mushroom!

Happy weekend BT.

Charlie Hotel said...

You're going to make a fatty of me soon...

jyankee said...

Good for you CH... I think you need to become more fatty...LOL..and I see a trend in this blog... a food blog perhaps? They all look very good...thank God it's lunch time now..or I'd be hungry!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh I can have that kimchi soup right now.