Wednesday, 24 September 2008


We were at a private party in Karachi. It was very posh but veiled in secrecy. Important people mingled in the dark as I sat there chatting with the host. Suddenly his bodyguard came and whispered in his ear. They had received a tip off that his life was in danger. He and his family must escape from an assassination attempt on his life immediately.

We were bundled into his car parked in the private underground garage. We piled into the Mercedes convertible, I was squashed in the back seat between his young kids and my best friend. His bodyguards slid into the sleek Lamborghini next to the Mercs.

The garage door opened up to a small and dirty alley crowded with people and bicycles. The convertible top slid to a close as we sped out of the garage. Someone was shouting at us to duck in case we were shot at.

Soon we hit the highway. We seemed to be safe now. I peered out the window and caught a glimpse of small wooden shacks and a bustling market place. We had just driven past a slum in Pakistan.

Leaving the filthy slums, the scenery ahead looked more promising. We were soon driving past a zoo. Little petite Chinese girls were swinging expertly on the monkey bars alongside the primates. I whipped out my camera to capture the amusing sight.

We were heading in the direction of the airport. I had gone by this road many times before and recognised the humongous dinosaur sculpture juxtaposed with modern skyscapers clad in colourful mosaics. The setting was misty like in Jurassic Park. But why am I taking pictures again when I already have loads of pictures of the same thing taken in Taiwan?

Then my alarm clock rang. It was just another fanciful dream I had last night.


Amel's Realm said...

WOW!!! What a dream! :-))))

The World According To Me said...

You had me going there!!

What vivid dreams you have!