Saturday, 2 June 2007

The big helmet

Vain girls ...last cycling trip to Malaysia.

See the new helmet I bought it for the cycling trip! All this while, I would rent or borrow from friends when I am out cycling. Now I have one to call my own!

Up till yesterday, I was still biting my nails. We didn’t hear from our travel agent Ameer about the cycling trip all week. The calls to his office went unanswered and he didn’t reply my emails. It was frustrating as we had other things to do... like book our own rooms in Paris for the pre- and post-bike tour, get train tickets etc. Just so that we wouldn’t end up with nothing, I didn’t want to cancel the Turkey trip and accommodation until we have our France one in place.

Finally the waiting game ended on Saturday morning when the much awaited email came in, barely one week before the trip! I started packing right away. Rain jacket, shorts and t-shirts, swimsuit, sandals… everything fitted nicely into the backpack, except the helmet.

Hmm, looks like it’s going to take up all the space in my hand carry. CH has a good suggestion…wear it everywhere I go! :-I


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Blur. When I was going to school in Colorado, I was really into mountain biking. I would always forget my helmet. Two of my roommates were professional mb racers. I came home from a ride one day, helmet still on the dining room table. One of my racer roommates was waiting for me. He was furious. He had crashed earlier that day, and his helmet was cracked in half. Miraculously, he was okay. He waved his destroyed helmet at me and yelled, "THIS is why you never ride without a helmet!" Suffice it to say, I never forgot it again.

Blur Ting said...

Thanks Holly! Don't worry, it'll be on my head at all times :-)