Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Time to chill out

It's day 3 of our vacation. We will leave paradise island tomorrow afternoon.... Just as well, for I am already feeling quite bored.

We woke up to a drizzly morning, feeling quite sluggish. Still, we went for a short morning jog before heading to the breakfast hall. After seeing too much food during the past few days, we have become more selective and tend to eat moderately.

I have to admit that I can't totally chill out because of work. Several times a day, I run up 4 storeys to the business centre to check my emails. This is probably the best exercise I get because this one and only ancient computer is often occupied and I'd have to go away and come back later. Thanks to the bouncy keyboard, I make lots of typo errors and spent alot of time proofreading. Of course, the speed is another thing...

Then again, I shouldn't even be sitting here in the first place. It's a vacation for goodness sake!Well, I've more or less sorted out this deal that I was working on, so I really should go and sit by the pool with the rest of the family and just chill out...

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