Saturday 23 June 2007

What Ladies' Night?

I read with disbelief that our popular local clubs are denying special Ladies Night free-drinks privilege to women aged 35 and above, leaving some well-heeled ladies fuming and feeling insulted.

Violet, dressed in a black-lace top, grey Gucci beret and tight jeans was denied the five free-drinks vouchers at the popular St James Powerhouse just because her identification card shows she’s 55. The same treatment was given to a 36-year old lady.

Bouncers in other clubs offer one to three coupons to women, depending on how well-dressed or attractive they were on Ladies Nights.

“I just don’t think a 55-year old woman would create a great atmosphere to attract men”, one man said while another one feels that “Women shouldn’t be made to feel bad.”

Of course the idea of Ladies Nights at clubs works on the belief that the promise of free drinks for women will draw them in, and they will in turn attract men.

The Club explained, “It’s to protect the interests of our existing clientele.”

Actually older women have bigger spending power. They don’t need your free drink coupons. They can afford to buy whole bottle of liquor at your club!

You can certainly keep pleasing your clientele for you will not find me entering your club. I’ll refuse to show you my identification card anyway. But really, I’d rather spend my money at a club that deserves it.

Ms Constance Singam, 70, president of the Association of Women for Action and Research, lashed out: “They shouldn’t call it Ladies Night then. They should call it “Young & Sexy Night”



Unknown said...

Thats insane...

Anonymous said...

Man, how repugnant. Well, they don't know what they'r missing.

By the way, I tagged you. :)

Blur Ting said...

Yup, we will not tolerate that!

Gosh Holly! I'm excited! Let me fantastise for a moment....

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