Friday 1 June 2007

Parents and teenagers

An interesting article “What do teenagers want from their parents?” came in my mailbox today. Thought I’d share it because it’s good advice for everyone, not just parents….

Love And Support
Teenagers struggle with identity. They worry about their appearance, popularity, lack of confidence, the future. Friends are very important and they feel easily hurt if they are rejected or criticized by their peer group. This can lead to feelings of uncertainty and lack of self-worth. Besides they are put under increasing pressure to succeed academically. When crisis occur, they need you to believe in him.

Someone To Listen
Parents should listen twice as much as you speak and try to understand the situation from your teenager's point of view. True listening is actually the best way to build a rapport and establish an amazing relationship with your teenager or with anyone..

Listen To Me and I'll Listen To You
If your teen seems likely to make a decision you don't like, don't give unsolicited advice, criticize, lecture or boss. If it's not an important decision, then you will score points for listening and accepting your teen's right to makeup his own mind. This will stand you in good stead when a really important decision is under discussion. The fact that you listen to him will encourage him to listen to you and you have a much better chance that he will be influenced by what you have to say the next time.

Listen Doesn't Mean Agree
This doesn't mean you will agree with or accept everything your teen says. You will still have your own viewpoint, but by listening you show a willingness to try to understand.

Letting Go
You have to let go and take the risk that your teenager will make a mistake. Experience is the best teacher. All of us learn from the consequences of our decisions. Without this learning, your teenager won't become a fully functioning independent adult.

These simple tips are crucial information to help parents build and establish a supportive and cordial relationship with their teenagers.

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The Real Mother Hen said...

Wow it's so difficult to be parents nowadays!

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