Monday, 25 June 2007

School's such fun!

My little niece just started attending playschool yesterday. I texted her mum to ask about how she's coping.

She replied: "There're 16 in a class to 2 teachers. 3 culprits keep going around like stray sheep. She's one of them. She forgot to pass me the folder from her teacher yesterday and didn't bring the water bottle home today. Terrible!"

Well, looks like she's having too much fun in a new environment!

Wait, here comes another text message: "...and she wore a pair of boy's shoes home!"

Oh dear, her little friend's mummy is going to freak out when she sees him wearing a pair of girlie shoes, in hot pink!


The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh Xiao Ting is so cute, so cute, so cute hehehe :)

J@n!ce said...

Your little niece is so funny ;p

Blur Ting said...

Welcome Janice! Yah, she's such a joy! I'm sure you're basking in your little kid's affection too