Tuesday 19 June 2007

Tic TAG toe

Thanks Holly for tagging me for the Thinking Blogger award. It’s an honor really, especially for someone like me who doesn’t like thinking very much. My daily routine begins with reading a handful of blogs in the morning. That said, I stay loyal to the few and don’t often prowl around for new ones. Obviously my favourites have already been tagged, so here’s a list of 5 that tickle me or make me think…

I can’t stop giggling when I listen to Mr Brown's podcasts! To me, he's funnier than Mr Bean! It’ll probably take a Singaporean to appreciate the local humour containing satirical and funny musings on the dysfunctional side of Singapore, but please don't deprive yourself.

Aw’s a clever writer who gives cutting comments on the political scene in Singapore. He’s totally open about being gay, and most of the articles are either about gay issues, or at least tangentially touch on homosexuality.

She shows us what she’s cooked or eaten throughout the week. Through her blog, I’ve learned so much about the wonderful Australian cuisine. Her vivid descriptions and yummy food photos always make me drool all over my keyboard.

A Malaysian guy who has migrated to Western Australia, he talks about his loves – his dog Snoop who recently had a leg amputated, his closely-knit family and how he loves partying. Oh, he's always dishing out dating tips and muses on why he’s still single and not getting ‘it’. BTW, he's always surrounded by beautiful babes!

She’s mummy to her cats Blinky and Tiger. An attractive and intelligent writer who can churn out really thought-provoking stories if she wants to. She was once a party-animal, but lately, she blogs about what life is like living with her boyfriend and cats in their little apartment.

Well, these are popular blogs, I’m sure they’ve been tagged many times over, so I’ll spare them.


mooiness said...


Thanks for boosting my ego to no end by including me in your list of "thinking" bloggers. :)

And about being surrounded by beautiful babes, I'm sad to say that it's all a facade. Hahah! :P

Blur Ting said...

Oh wow! Thanks for reading my blog! I enjoy reading yours daily. Hope Snoop is fine now that you're traveling.

Unknown said...

Your blog is one I check out daily and just love visiting

Anonymous said...

You so deserve this, Blur. I love the richness of your writing. Your descriptions illustrate so beautifully your experiences. It is truly a joy to visit!

Blur Ting said...

Thanks ladies! That'll inspire me to keep going :-)

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