Thursday, 21 June 2007

Even supermodels have ugly days

You know how supermodels always talk about waking up feeling ugly? Come on, if supermodels can feel that way, what about us?

I know what it’s like. We all have bad days but a little dressing up and makeup should do the trick.

One weekend, my old friend Nerissa dropped by with her 2 beautiful daughters and a cousin whom I was meeting for the first time. I was cooking dinner in the kitchen, hair all piled up on my head, sweat trickling down my bare, freckled face and spectacles perched on my nose. I said a quick hello and sent them to the living room while I finished my chores.

When I reappeared later after a shower, with a freshly scrubbed face and my hair in place, I saw her cousin whispering softly to Nerissa. Suddenly my friend burst out laughing, saying “Told you she’s mei* mei!”

Another time, some new colleagues of CH came by to visit my mum’s orchid garden. I showed them around, togged in my old singlet and shorts. A week later, when I attended his company's function all glammed up, the same colleagues exclaimed, “Oh, you looked so different the other day!”

See, you can feel like a supermodel (though it's hard to look like one) if you want to!

* mei is beautiful in Chinese

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