Sunday, 24 June 2007

The Roving Reporter

Oh I’m so excited! Holly has sent me on a mission to interview Blur Ting for the next Puplication.

At last, I’ll be joining the puparazzi on the hunt for the enigmatic lady. Let me put on my running shoes…I’ll be shoving my way through.

Rusty: Hi, I’m Rusty. *Drool*
Blur: Hey cutie. So you’re the new cub, I mean, pup reporter.

Rusty: *blush* You can call me Russ…but really, why Blur Ting? You don’t look so blur to me..
Blur: I’m often the blur one amongst my friends but these days, I hope men become blur in my presence. Oh, pardon me, I blurt too much. Blurting on my blog is all I do now.

Rusty: *puppy dog eyes* You’re welcome to blurt about me... Sorry I digress…today’s interview is about you.
Blur: Sure. Oh, what nice ears you have…

Rusty: *starry eyes* I think I’m in love… By the way, who are the loves of your life?
Blur: My readers should know by now I have some very important male characters in my life. Oh, I love my two male pups too.

Rusty: How lucky! No female?
Blur: Sure there are! All my best friends are women. My mum and girlfriends complete me… Umm, you don’t mean bitches do you?

Rusty: That too. I’m kinda single and available right now. Any hot chicks I can interview?
Blur: Well, of course. Birds of a feather flock together…

Rusty: *pant* Did I hear birds? I love birds! Last week, I chased one around the yard until it got too exhausted.... hey wait! I haven’t finished….
Blur: Ciao! Gotta fly.

This meme originated with Baron Brown and the basic idea is to interview yourself. Well, Bobby, of Revellian, tagged Holly who in turn tagged me. But gee, all my favourite bloggers have already been tagged, I have no one else to tag.


Unknown said...

... the 'bitches' answer had me rolling... what a fun interview...

The Real Mother Hen said...

Wow Ting this is excellent :) you're so funny and clever :)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Wow you'd written so many good blogs over the last few days... now I got a lot of reading to do :)

Anonymous said...

How on Earth did you train your dog to wear running shoes? Doesn't he trip when he runs?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!! Great job, Blur. What a sweet lil' punkin that Rusty is!

Blur Ting said...

Thanks for your nice comments. I often wonder what goes on in that lil Rusty's head, so I made him interview me. :-)

Ot's fascinating how clever animals are but I still wonder why he gently carries little toads from the yard and leave them in the house. YK was calling out the other day "Mummy! Why is there a little toad in my room?!"

Blur Ting said...

Rusty: Hey David, those ugly shoes are not mine. Mine's a Nike size 1! And Holly... you must be that hot chick Blur's talking about.