Friday, 14 December 2007

Comfort food

It was pouring at my place yesterday afternoon. The rain soon tapered down and moved across the island, to C.H's office. Naturally, we were both craving for a soupy meal to keep us warm. So, we headed to Founder Rou Gu Cha Restaurant which serves succulent pork ribs in a light peppery soup.

We tend to go there when the craving strikes because it's near his office (and out of the city). Judging by the long queue outside the restaurant at all times, this peppery soup draws in the crowd. The walls in the restaurant are plastered with photos of celebrities, obviously its reputation has traveled far and wide.

We were lucky to get a seat immediately because soon after, a long line started to form at the door step. I'm glad we were seated at the corner (with my back facing the crowd) because I really dislike being rushed while I'm eating. It happens alot at food centres where people are just staring at you, willing you to wolf down your food so that they can take over your seat.

The good thing about eating here is you don't have to wait very long for the food to arrive. Everybody comes here for the pork rib soup. The soup is already pre-boiled in a huge pot early in the day and the ribs have been pre-cooked until they are soft and tender. So, all they have to do is put everything together and serve.

We were famished, so ate very quickly and were out of the place pretty soon.

C.H gave me a surprise after dinner. "This is for you." He handed me a little red bag with a twinkle in his eyes.

"What's the occasion?"

"Nothing, just thought you'd like this..." Indeed! It's something I would wear. A khaki tanktop with fish embroidery on one side. Of course I love it! I like everything he buys for me.

It even comes in a little red bag!


WaterLearner said...

I hate being rushed when I am eating also. My grandparents always say that one is a king when one is eating. Cannot be rushed. Partly also bad for digestion.

The tanktop is nice. So sweet of him. Just nice to wear it for the weekend huh?

J@n!ce said...

Where is that famous pork pork rib soup stall? I love to have soupy food on rainy days too :)

Awwwww.. so cute of him to get you that nice little gift. I love the red bag too. Where he bought it from? He sure knows how to make you happy. So lovey dovey :):)

Anonymous said...

me too.. what a lovely top! he knows you well.. i guess..!

Blur Ting said...

Hi Jan, it's along Balestier Road. Opp Balestier Plaza.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh... toh tweet

Unknown said...

what a cute shirt...extra cute cuz it's from C.H. we all know how men can't stand clothes shopping :)
and that soup looks so good...mmmm!

The World According To Me said...

What a lovely surprise the top must have been. Bless C.H. he sounds like a top guy!

The foods made me peckish, again!