Friday, 21 December 2007

Taking a break

Ah! Finally, I'm taking a breather this busy Saturday morning. I've a mug of hot coffee and dough fritters before me.

After visiting the temple with mum, we decided to buy some groceries. One shop after another... and we ended up with a carload of stuff. I've also decided on what to cook for dinner. The cool weather is perfect for steamboat. All I need to do is to prepare the soup stock and lots of fresh seafood and vegetable.

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to gather everyone round the bubbling hotpot for a hearthy and healthy meal?

I've got to wrap presents now. Have a good day everyone!


J@n!ce said...

I was just talking to a friend that I miss eating "you tiao"... so coincident to see your lastest post on that. I think I really want that for breakfast now have to go tell hubs... :)

Have a good X'mas gathering with your friends :)

Unknown said...

Hey - dropping by to say hello as I had disappeared from the face of this earth almost :)javascript:void(0)

Amel said...

Have a WONDERFUL day, Blur!!! I'll be spending a day at my in-laws on Monday he he he...WOOHOOO!!!! ;-D

SOUL said...

always FOOD... and i'm always hungry when i visit--and well, if i'm not--i leave hungry.

take care...