Thursday 6 December 2007

What's the world coming to?

I can't help but fear for my kids' safety these days. I read about another horrific shooting incident in the USA carried out by a depressed teenager. Once again, many innocent lives were lost.

Here in Singapore, I read about a teenage boy who was bashed to death by 4 others, over a wallet he found at the arcade. He was alone when he was attacked. The poor kid died a horrible death.

Now that my kids are older and more independent, they often hang out with their friends at the mall, arcade or at the movies. What if they get into a dispute one day with other rowdy teens or meet some troubled people who're out to seek revenge?

I shudder when I think about such things, yet I can't protect my kids forever. What is this world coming to?


Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

That's what always frightens me. That we can always be there to protect our kids.

The world has really gone mad and you know what BT? It's going to get even worse!

The World According To Me said...

I was reading about the shooting in the newspaper this morning. Terrible, tragic, loss of innocent lives.
And to kill another human over a wallet?! It makes me shudder.
The world can be a wonderful place, but it can also be a frightening place.
My mum is forever saying to me: "you wait until you're a mother, you never stop worrying about your children!"
I wish you a peaceful weekend.

Amel said...

Oh dear goodness...another crazy shooter?

I know what you mean. That's what I'm scared of when I think of having kids...but anyway, IMO if God allows you to let something happens, He has a reason. If not, even though you're in the middle of two warring tribes or you're in the most dangerous places, you'll be safe no matter what.

It's TOUGH to be parents. It really is. May God protect us and the kids wherever they are!!!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Dispite distance, I'm worried about Bi all the time too. The "what if" part kills me.
In addition to teenage rage, what if in 50 years time she won't have any clean drinking water? If she has to brace the violent climate change, suffering the consequences that we and the past generations have done? If she can no longer sleep in an air-con room because electricity will be exclusive for the mega rich?

Amel said...

Hi, Blur!

Go grab your Santa award here:

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And have a FAB weekend! ;-D

Anonymous said...

it is frightening..and not much we can do can we?