Saturday 22 December 2007

Love and Laughter

Last night's dinner around the steamboat was enjoyable. The turkey breast, stuffed with 8 treasures (a yummy mixture of chestnut paste, crunchy water chestnut, ginkgo nut, etc), served with cranberry sauce, turned out to be a delicious treat.

The Peanut Chocolate Crunch Log from Swiss Bake was definitely a hit. I love the layer of crunchy peanut brittle (just like Almond Roca) sandwiched between the chocolate praline. It was so Yummy!!

My niece and nephew, who are Christians, did a little performance - singing hymns and reading passages from the bible. Well done kids!

My brother and family watching the performance.
And then it was time to exchange presents. The biggest surprise of the night came from my sister-in-law (Ting's mommy). She gave me such a thoughtful and wonderful gift, it almost brought tears to my eyes! I was touched beyond words. Here it is...

Inside this cute box is a scrap book documenting my 1 year journey as a blogger. She picked my favourite topic - Rusty - and created a 30-page scrap book using excerpts from my blog. The painstaking process of printing out photos and quotes from the blog, customising each page with little details took 6 whole months!

Look at the details. She even used a blow torch to make the letters "my dogs" look 3-D and glossy! A blow-torch? Oh my. She had added flowers, rivets and stencils to the page too.

She added in lots of cute captions using cut-out letterings, buttons, textured paper and interesting fonts to make the pages come alive.

I love how she embellishes the pages with delicate lace, ribbons and cartoon characters.

She builds stories around the photos and uses different backgrounds and colours to set the tone for each page so that everyone is unique with its own theme.

The best thing is, it's updated until the day before the Christmas party! She really put in so much attention and thought into the gift, it put me to shame.

Finally, the last page says it all. Love and Laughter! That's what family is all about. It makes life worth living.
Thank you Ginny!


WaterLearner said...

Wow.. such a thoughtful gift! I would cry as well if I were to receive such a gift too!

I am also into book scrapping. Currently, I intend to start doing one for two friends who are getting married in Sep!

Eh, your bro likes like you leh.

Unknown said...

Your niece looks so much like you.

I went to buy another present for my sister today, I was warned (by Dave) that her present puts mine to shame. Whew! Thank goodness for the warning.

Anonymous said...

wow! such a thoughtful gift!

Blur Ting said...

Wah Karen, you're into scrapbooking too? Your friends will be so touched to receive your pieces of work!

Blur Ting said...

Seagrape - really? I don't think so. My mum said I was an ugly duckling :-)

I know, we sometimes can't help but get anxious over gifts. I guess some people are better than choosing gifts than others. My sis in law always picks the right gifts for my kids too.

Blur Ting said...

Yah, JY, indeed. You'd be even more impressed with the real thing!

Amel said...

OOOOOHHH that is FABULOUSSSSS!!!!! I can understand how you feel. I wish I could make such a thing for my mother-in-law...maybe later when my Finnish is better he he he he...

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

wow, that is indeed a touching gift, especially more so when it's hand made :)

J@n!ce said...

I would be so touched to receive such a memorable & thoughtful pressie. Totally speechless :)

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