Monday, 3 December 2007

A runner's thoughts

Last year's 10km medal on the left, and 2007's 21km medal on the right.

Runners are masochistic people. We put ourselves through punishing regimes, push our tired bodies through the finish line, forget about the pain, and are soon back at it again.

It’s my 10th race and I still get the jitters at the starting point. The sight of thousands of runners raring to go always gives me an adrenalin rush. I look around me, “If they can complete the race, there is no reason why I can’t!”

Of course, with the commentator building up the tempo and the music thumping around us, I’m almost giddy with excitement before the flag-off.

We usually start off slowly because of the sea of runners ahead of us. The elite runners are always at the frontline because every second is crucial to them.

I always run at a constant speed so that I don’t burn out quickly. Inevitably, lots of thoughts run through my head during the run.

When I’m running comfortably during the first 14km, my eyes wander… “Ah, water station ahead!” “Why is this guy landing so hard?” “Oh, stop talking so much.” “Clear the path please!” “Wow, your hair looks terrific!” “Nice legs!”

Suddenly, there’ll come a point when weariness sets in and the legs are heavy like lead. Every move is painful and slow. Time starts to crawl as I hobble along. Different thoughts takeover now. “Why am I doing this?” “I’m never going to do this again!” “This is harder than I expected!” “My legs hurt.”

Then a miracle happens. Just as I’m about to give up, I get hit by the runner’s high. I find renewed energy, optimism and a new sense of purpose. I pick up speed and forget about the pain. “I can do it!” “I am overtaking everyone!” “Keep it up!” “You go girl!”… I just keep psyching myself until I see the finish line and cheering crowd.

The final moments is also the most adrenalin charged. Encouraged by the cheers, I sprint to the finishing line, proud to complete the race!

I tell myself "Never again!".


WaterLearner said...

Show me the medal....

Mike Minzes said...

You deserve more than just a medal Ting.

You are a champion to me!

The World According To Me said...

Well done! You must be proud of the medals - I would be!

Anonymous said...

That's the 2005 medal in the picture, not last year's. It was the first time we did the 10km!

Amel said...

I LOVE reading this,'s like reading life's experiences he he he he...sometimes you get weary, but sometimes you're psyched he he he...