Wednesday 12 December 2007

So steady

I read about Tiger Woods today in the papers (here's the electronic version) today and was impressed with his personality. All I can say is "He's so steady!"

Anyone who doesn't know Tiger Woods must be living under the rock. I'm not a golfer, yet I read about him (his wife and daughter) all the time. Well, he's the world's greatest golfer and most celebrated athlete of course.

I quote the writer, Bill Plaschke, "While seemingly every major sports star dabbles in scandal, Woods seemingly remains as straight as his drives, as true as his chips, as money as his putts...... I have not always been so kind to Woods in the past. I've been critical of his aloofness, curious about his dullness .....He doesn't do anything stupid. He doesn't say anything stupid."

If you look back, you will find that he's never been tainted by scandals. Despite the amount of pressure he faces as a sportsman, "lawlessness and recklessness and even surliness have somehow missed him."

He has grown from an impatient teenage Boy Wonder into a gracious gentleman, a wonderful husband and a father. Today, Woods attributes his success to his mentors (mainly his late father), "I've had mentors in my life. I've had people take an interest in me when I could have easily gone down the wrong path, but they've made sure I've stayed on the straight and narrow."

He's so steady!


Amel said...

Ahhhhh...I LOVE mentors!!! It reminds me that we all need GOOD mentors. I hope I can be a good mentor for at least someone in my lifetime he he he...

The Real Mother Hen said...

Yeah husband watches him play all the time... but I have to say though, his swing isn't as sexy as husband's :)

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