Saturday 15 December 2007

Saturday night get-together

After many failed attempts to meet, we finally managed to sit down together for a meal with Steph, John and Watson last night. It's isn't an easy feat getting a group of friends to set aside time amid their busy schedules for a get together. Even after months of planning, three couldn't make it last night. One was down with fever and two were traveling.

The loving couple - Steph and John.

Our little group had a nice dinner at a Thai Restaurant in Vivocity. This being the weekend and Christmas season, there were queues everywhere, from the carpark to the toilet and restaurants. Good thing Steph had called days ahead to make dinner reservations and all we did was walk right in (past a long line of hungry people) and could start feasting almost soon after.

We had too much delicious food to eat. Steph ordered papaya salad, mango salad, Pad Thai (fried Thai noodles), pineapple rice, olive rice, green chicken curry, sweet and sour fish, Tom Yum soup and fried bean sprouts. Some of the dishes were so spicy, I had to drink icy lime juice and ice milk tea to save my life.

Apart from eating, I spent the night playing with adorable little Kay who just turned one. For some reason, she liked me to take her out to the patio to watch the ships sailing by and cable cars moving overhead.

Well, I'm off to Thailand this afternoon. Looks like my diet for the next two days will be more Thai curry and Tom Yum soup. I won't be blogging, so you guys enjoy your weekend!


WaterLearner said...


Have a good trip. I would be blogging lesser these days. Would be very busy with my house renovation.

Have Fun!

Amel said...

ENJOY Thailand, Blur!

Now I'm craving for some Tom Yum. I LOVE Tom Yum he he he he...

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

Have a fun trip BT. Looking forward to the pictures you'll be bringing back :D

The Real Mother Hen said...

Hey have a good trip :)
I'm now catching up with your past blogs :)

Anonymous said...

She's bought my present!
I love Bangkok :-)

The World According To Me said...

Great pics. The food sounded delicious, and hot!
How cute is Kay.

Enjoy your trip and and I look forward to hearing all about it.

J@n!ce said...

Enjoy your Thailand trip. Is it a biz trip or for leisure?

Take care :)

Trinity said...

Ah Blur... I went to Vivocity and pass that Thai Restorant that very night with Jojo... wish we met that day!

Have a great trip at Thailand!

Blur Ting said...

Hi everyone
I'm back at the office (straight from the airport)!

It was a fruitful business trip with some shopping during free time. Will blog about it when I get home.

Unknown said...

wow blur! are you sure you're not in your twenties?

Blur Ting said...

Hehe, Seagrape. Thanks for the compliment! You heven't seen me upclose yet! :-)

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