Thursday, 6 December 2007

It's Friday again?

This week seems to whizz by, I can't believe it's Friday again! At least it's sunny this morning, after two gloomy days of rain. It's wonderful because C.H. has an outdoor shoot this morning and was hoping for good weather.

I was surprised to see mum in bed at 9am this morning though. She's the one who's always up and about by 5.30am but after the radiotheraphy sessions, she's just a shadow of her old spritely self. Sad to say, she has become very feeble and unwell. I hope it's temporary because of the swelling (of the tumour) from the treatment. Anyway, she was feeling cold but upon checking, I found that she's not running a fever and insisted that she get something warm to drink.

The next thing I know, she was in the kitchen, giving Rusty a good scolding. Well, he deserves it. He snuck into her wardrobe last night, burrowed into her clothes and slept in his little nest. She was upset that all her tee shirts are now covered with fur. Of course she threatened to throw him out of the house! Well, he made a nuisance of himself outdoors too, in her storage area. Rusty has been shredding and destroying the piles of neatly stacked newspapers that mum uses to wrap flowers. Of all places, I wonder why Rusty has to sleep in mum's wardrobe and store. No wonder she is so upset!

YK has been complaining that my blog is getting boring. "Why don't you put up pictures of Rusty anymore?" Well, nobody is interested in looking at Rusty all the time right? At least, there's something to write about today. He spents his days sleeping in the house, what's there to write about? Besides, his biggest fan HollyGL is on sabbatical and I don't see her around anymore.

My colleague is leaving for Hong Kong today and my best friend is now in the fascinating ice city of Harbin in China. She's on a roll... traveling from one continent to another this year. I'm envious!

For our Friday night out, we're planning to do some night photography using CH's newly acquired SLR-styled camera. We're at the mercy of the weather really. Let's hope it stays fine all day.


WaterLearner said...

Hope your mum is fully ok. I will pray that the weather stays good for your night outing :-)

Blur Ting said...

Thanks Water! Yah, mum is feeling miserable lah. and it makes me miserable too

Anonymous said...

yes best wishes to your mom...shame on Rusty! LOL...and shame onYK...your blog is NOT boring...!

Blur Ting said...

He he, Yk likes to read about Rusty only :-)

Unknown said...

hope your mom feels better soon.
SLR - sweet! can't wait to see the photos ;)

WaterLearner said...

Keep your fingers and toes all crossed. Just back from lunch and the skies seem to be whispering rain to my ears.

Blur Ting said...

Oh dear, the sky's getting dark here too.

The World According To Me said...

You're blog could never be boring!
I wish your mum better. And furless clothes!
Happy snapping, hope the weather holds out.

Amel said...

It's tougher to see our loved ones sick than if it's we ourselves who are sick, isn't it? We feel SO helpless. :-(((

Hope your Mom feels better and that she'll be fully well in due time. :-))))

HAVE FUN taking pics and crossing my fingers so that the good weather stays there!!! ;-D