Tuesday 21 August 2007

Put the blame on me

On a rainy and languorous day like this, when I'm feeling exactly like a sloth, I am really thankful to Janice who tagged me on "5 Old Posts". Thanks Janice, you make my day!

Since I only started blogging early this year, I'll pick one post per month. Don't worry, I only chose the light-hearted ones... don't really want to innundate you with too much heavy stuff on a boring workday... not that I have anything too intellectual to offer anyway :-)

My guinea pigs

Rusty the tough cookie

Scaredy cat

Count your blessings

Haunted by the Phantom

I'm going to spare all my blogging buddies this time but if you're feeling lazy like me, just do this MeMe and you can put the blame on ME!


Unknown said...

Enjoyed them all :)

By strange coincidence, Max's song for this week is All I Ask of You.

Blur Ting said...

Wow! He certainly can appreciate good music at such a tender age! But that song will really leave a strong and lasting impression on anyone.

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