Wednesday 15 August 2007

Blood pressure rising

My family doctor has been monitoring my blood pressure. "It's on the high side." She said. I can hardly believe her because it had always been normal until it started creeping upwards early this year.

"Do more exercise." She advised.
But I run almost everyday! I'm sure I do enough cardio and resistance exercises every week.

"So, cut down on your salt intake."
There's hardly any salt in my diet. Breakfast is usually bread with peanut butter, lunch is oats and honey while dinner is mum's bland home-cooked food. I eat enough fruits everyday. I only eat out on Friday nights and my only indulgence is the daily cuppa. In fact, I avoid salty food like plague because it makes me bloat up like a balloon. Where is the salt? Heck, maybe I should start eating junk food!

"Well, you have to lose some weight then."
By now, I'm quite flabbergasted! How to lose weight? Maybe I should start walking to work (ha, that will take me all day), spread my bread with nothing (peanut butter is too fattening, margarine is out too, ham is too salty, pate is too rich, jam is too sweet...) and give up my daily dose of caffeine. Do I have to give up my Friday dinner treat too?

Thinking about this is already making my blood pressure rise!


mooiness said...

Perhaps it's genetic and there's nothing much you can do about it. As I see it, your exercise and diet is already very good.

Besides diligent monitoring and drugs to control it, how about your stress and fatigue levels? They may be factors.

Blur Ting said...

Hi Moo, it's genetic cos both my parents and elder bro have it despite their healthy lifestyle. I'm just in denial.

She wanted to put me on medication but I try to hold off as long as I can. I hate popping pills. My life is quite peaceful now, so probably not the stress level (tho my kids think I'm too anxious for their liking)

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you're having health problems, Blur.

My one friend has genetic high Cholseterol. Her doc makes her drink half a glass of red wine every night. He also told her that a few squares of dark chocolate every day is also good for cutting cholesterol. Now THAT is more my idea of good health advice! ;-)

J@n!ce said...

Your lifestyle seems healthier than me. I think I have to start exercising too.

I heard from my MIL that eating cucumber on a regular basis can help to reduce high blood pressure. Take Care, dear :)

Blur Ting said...

Ah Michelle! Popping chocolate sounds like a great idea! But we have to find a way to lose all that weight :-P

Oh, cucumber? That sounds good too. Thanks Janice!

Anonymous said...

Lose some weight! Is she nuts? Maybe you should start exploring things like yoga and meditation. I enjoy meditation, although I'm not as disciplined as I should be.

The Real Mother Hen said...


Blur Ting said...

:-( That pretty much sums it up!

Hey Holly, you know what? I used to attend yoga classes with MH! But keeping to a schedule can sometimes be difficult, that's why running works for me.
Meditation is perhaps something I should seriously try.