Friday 17 August 2007


While driving through horrendous traffic into town to meet some friends at Balaclava last night, I suddenly remembered why we always avoided the city on Friday nights. The wet roads coupled with numerous traffic stops made the slow moving traffic almost unbearable. Though I could see the mall just ahead, it took me forever to get there. It’s one of those days where I wish I could fold the car into a suitcase and walk to my destination!

It was only later into the night when we saw the reason for the surge in traffic. The fireworks of course! From the outdoor seating in Balaclava, which was just spilling with well dressed people chilling out on a Friday night, we suddenly saw the sky light up in a million sparks. Oh, what a sight! It was all worth it!

We’re going to the Registry of Marriage this afternoon. Don’t get too excited. I’m not getting married. It’s my friend and his Korean wife. Can you believe that they’re still not officially married yet though we’ve attended the traditional Korean wedding last November? Anyway, they’re finally solemnizing the marriage today, 18th of August 2007.

Well, in the Chinese calendar 8 is an auspicious date! It has been a great day so far. It’s a nice cool morning and I’m thinking of what to wear to their luncheon this afternoon. But I have to complete some chores first, like making lunch for the boys. So, I’ve got a pot of chicken curry and potatoes simmering on the stove. It’s that kind of dish that gets better if you let it sit for several hours, so when the kids are ready to dig in for lunch, the potatoes and chicken would be soft enough to melt in the mouth!

We’ve got to get a gift for the newly weds before the event. Looks like we have to do a bit of shopping at the mall first. Ah, so exciting! But Gee, I still haven’t decided on what to wear. I wonder if I can still fit in that pretty white dress or will I look fat in that new top…


Mike Minzes said...

Driving in Singapore at night, on a weekend. Thats a time to take that wonderful subway system of yours. What mall did you go to?

Blur Ting said...

Hi Mike, it was Suntec City and marina Square. I had originally planned to park at Raffles City but oh, the traffic was so bad, I parked at Raffles Hotel instead otherwise I would have to spend a long time circling around the carpark for a lot!

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