Thursday 9 August 2007

Gourmet food

When I was at the petrol station this morning, I walked into Doggie Bakery next door to look for dried food for my dogs. I looked around and saw jars of cookies and pastries in the shop, but no dried food.

All the staff were busy in the kitchen preparing food. I peered through the glass window and saw them making fresh tomatoes stuffed with tuna, spaghetti with chunks of roast chicken as well as rice mixed with vegetables and chicken meat. One lady was decorating a cake. Everything looked so yummy!

Hmm, did I walk into the right shop? These look like stuff that I feed my kids. So, this is gourmet food for pets. Check out what I found in their website.
Quiche - A different twist to the human version of the quiche, you won't find pastry here! Chicken base, with egg, milk,vegs, cheese... fragrant & simply delicious!
Shep Pie Creamy potato with minced lamb, baked to a golden perfection. yum!
Peanutie Canes - A fragrant, chewie cookie that doggies enjoy snacking on, contains ground peanuts and peanut bits.
The popular Hainanese Chix Rice.
Chix 5" pizza Oven baked to perfection with seasonal veggies and chix, this pizza will be doggie's ultimate fast food treat!

Apparently this is the first licenced dog bakery in Singapore under the US Doggie Bakery Chain. All bakery items are prepared in-house daily and do not contain salt, sugar, chemicals or preservatives. Recipes for fresh bakes have been vetted by the bakery's consultant vets and nutritionists. The objective is to provide "almost human" cookies and bakes for dog owners to feed their dog. So, doggies can eat almost the same thing that the owner eats, except that these items have been prepared specially to cater to the dogs' nutritional needs.
Hungry already?


mooiness said...

Speaking as a dog lover and a dog owner, I seriously think that gourmet food for pets is a stupid idea that's geared more towards gullible or over-pampering owners that it is for the pets.

Dogs don't value taste as much as we humans do. If they do, they wouldn't be gnawing on mysterious stuff from the ground or the bin, or licking themselves so much. ;)

Blur Ting said...

You are sooo right! I only boil chicken breast meat for my doggie when he gets sick. That's as far as I would go :-)

Come on, even I don't eat gourmet!

Anonymous said...

The only time our dog gets gourmet food is when we drop it :-D

Mooiness raises a good point. How developed a sense of taste do dogs have?

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I always though it was fun to feed my dog special gourmet treats on occasion. Who cares if she didn't know any difference. It was just another way for me to show her how much I loved her, and that made me feel good. ...and I tend to believe that dog's pick up on those sorts of intentions anyway.

Blur Ting said...

I think your dogs will get your good vibes as long as you treat them well. Some do in the form of cuddles, play or through food. I don't really give my dogs any special treatment, yet they always come to me and show so much affection...even the kids get jealous!

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