Monday 20 August 2007

Sinful weekend

This is probably going to make my doctor fall off her chair but here are some of the forbidden food we ate during the weekend.

After the marriage solemnisation, we sat down for a cuppa at TCC - The Coffee Connoisseur - the hip place for the coffee lover to indulge in a cup of fine coffee. With 60 varieties of coffee to choose from, I picked their new item called Nutello. When it arrived, we were all laughing at its miniature size. See how tiny it is compared to the regular iced cafe latte in the background.... they probably knew I was on a diet!
My Nutello tasted really good. Imagine this... the bottom half of the glass is filled with a thick layer of Nutella, then topped with full-bodied, fragrant espresso and a layer of whipped cream, finally dusted with cocoa powder. When you put your spoon in, you will haul out a spoonful of gooey Nutella mixed with rich coffee... simply heavenly, I tell ya!

We all shared 2 slices of cake. I find the one above, Devils' chocolate a tad too rich and dense. Even the 5 of us couldn't finish it. But the Oreo Cheesecake below was utterly delicious. The little bits of finely crushed Oreo gave a nice crunch when eaten with the smooth and soft cheese base. The Oreo base was baked to perfection. It had that nice buttery and chocolaty bite that made this one of the nicest cheesecakes I have sampled.
The night before, we had supper at Tong Shui Cafe. We weren't really hungry, so we ordered the mango prawn rolls (which I like so much), sesame rice balls cooked in ginger soup and ice blended lychee, topped with freshly cut kiwi chunks.
First, browse through the extensive menu...
Write your choices on the order chit....
And enjoy!
I really should go running this evening! No more excuses!


Anonymous said...

you're doin it again...!

Mike Minzes said...

Oh God, This is so unfair. I am packing for Singapore right now!!

J@n!ce said...

I'm feeling hungry at this hour of the time just nice for some tea break. Wow, what a cute little cup of nutello. I love nutella with bread & coffee is my fav drink. So that nutello combination looks superb. The oreo cheesecake just make me salivate. I love oreo.... esp cookies n cream ice-cream. I think I will give it a try :)

Btw, I tagged you again. This is an interesting & pretty easy one.

SOUL said...

what is that last one.. it makes me hungry,,course, everything makes me hungry.