Thursday 16 August 2007

Birthday MeMe

Do you want to know who shares your birthday? Or what important events happened on your birthday? I’ve got the right MeMe for you!

Go type in your birthday in Wikipedia (month and day). Write down three events, 2 births, 1 holiday and tag 5 friends.

My birthday's on 15th Sept. Is it a very important date? Well, check it out!

3 events
1) 1949 - The television series The Lone Ranger premieres on ABC
2) 1975 - Progressive Rock artists Pink Floyd release Wish You Were Here
3) 1982 - The first issue of USA Today is published by Gannett

2 Births
1) 1254 - Marco Polo, Italian explorer
2) 1890- Agatha Christie, English writer
(Maybe that's why I share similar interests with them)

1 Holiday
Persia - New Year's Day
(That's a good reason to celebrate my birthday!)

Anyway, if you’re tagged by me, please slot yourself right on the last slot and bump everyone up. And the list: Are We There Yet?, Gran’s Memory Keeping Corner, Teacher Julie, Mommyness is Happiness, This is a miracle, Blur Ting

Janice tagged me on the "13 of 3s"

Three things that scare me :
1) Bungee jumping
2) Scary roller coaster rides
3) Snakes and other creepy reptiles
(So, I'm a scaredy cat, can?)

Three people who make me laugh
1) Mr Corny
2) My best friend Ms Goofy
3) My cheeky boys

Three things I love
1) My Friday nights out!
2) Traveling with good company
3) Peace/tranquility

Three things I hate
1) Bullies
2) To see suffering
3) To be sick and helpless

Three things I don't understand
1) Why people are so obsessed with money and power
2) How some people can be downright cruel to others
3) Why there is so much injustice in this world

Three things on my desk
1) Mobile phone
2) Bunch of keys
3) Spectacles

Three things I am doing right now
1) Reading about mushroom farming
2) Working (yes, at 9.45pm!)
3) Enjoying chocolate fondue. See the evidence below!
(I've started eating dark choc like Dr Michelle of Crow's Feet ordered!)
YK trying to look gothic with chocolate!

Three things I want to do before I die
1) Know that my loved ones are well taken care of
2) Eat all my favourite food and desserts ... and I'll leave happy :-)
3) Be mentally prepared to leave this world
(Hey, if you've got to go....)

Three things I can do
1) Run a half marathon (haven’t tried a full marathon yet)
2) Walk faster than most guys
3) Whip up a delicious meal really quickly

Three things I can’t do
1) Do the Hoola Hoop
2) Sing beautifully
3) Dance gracefully

Three things I think you should listen to
1) Children’s laughter
2) Good advice from loved ones
3) The sounds of nature

Three things you should never listen to
1) Quick money-making schemes
2) Malicious rumours
3) Words spoken in anger

Three shows I watched as a kid
1) Sesame Street
2) Combat
3) Donny & Marie Show
(Ok, ok, it's that genre. So you know my age now?)

The friends I would like to tag are :
1) New Beginnings
2) Mother Hen
3) Remedial Rumination
4) Crow's Feet
5) Wacky mommy

Like I always say, please do this only when you have the time. And anyone who feels like doing this meme, please be my guest! :-)


Anonymous said...

Yea! This is a good one! Thanks for the tag, Blur. I enjoyed all of your answers. I want some of that fondue... :-)

The Real Mother Hen said...

CH is now Mr Corny? :)

Blur Ting said...

He's always corny. :-)

J@n!ce said...

Now, we know a little more that your birth date is the same date but not the same year of course...haha... as the famous writer.

I'm scare of Bungee Jump & Thriller rides too.

I love chocolate fondue too. Wow... its really sinful.

Thanks for participating. I know more about you now !

Anonymous said...

ooh blur, back now.. i've been tagged... ouch.. ok..give me a few...

Michelle said...

Oh this is a nice one! :-)

I enjoyed reading your list of threes, Blur.

Michelle said...

PS.. mushroom farming?? :-\

Blur Ting said...

Welcome back JY! I love how you love Memes... :-D

Thanks Michelle! I thought if I am going to make myself useful around the farm, might as well grow something edible :-D I know... it's always about food!

Blur Ting said...

Janice - thanks for tagging me. It turned out to be a fun one to do.

Anonymous said...

Holly, advance Happy Birthday to you!

I'm Julie and I'm still included in the link about this birthday meme so I decided to drop by and visit you.

Chocolate fondue is the best!

Have a great week! :)