Sunday, 5 August 2007

Food paradise

Since I was at Parco Bugis Junction, I decided to buy lunch before fetching SK from his Chinese tutor’s place. There were simply too many temptations in the food basement. What to do when confronted with too many choices? Buy everything!

First stop, the Takoyaki counter…. “3 pieces of octopus Takoyaki without mayonnaise please!”

Takoyaki being cooked.

A heavenly smell was wafting out of Beard Papa’s whose cream puffs have enjoyed phenomenal success worldwide. They set off a cream puff craze in Singapore a couple of years ago, with long queues forming outside their store everyday. There was no queue today but the intoxicating smell of chocolate fondant being baked proved too irresistable.
So many choices… those little mounds of chocolate fondants sprinkled with icing sugar which threaten to ooze gooey Valrhona chocolate with every bite, shiny chocolate eclairs and the famous cream puffs were calling out to me. Even the cream puff comes with different kinds of choux pastry shells and custard fillings in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavours. How to decide? I finally bought the traditional version filled with vanilla custard. The guy at the counter takes each shell and pumps in fresh gooey custard. They are best savoured immediately!Next, a quick stop at ToriQ, a store specialising in Japanese Yakitori. I bought 2 sticks of chicken yakitori which were juicy and piping hot, dripping with teriyaki sauce.
The specialty chocolate store next door had just finished baking a batch of apple crumbles. You know how the smell of freshly baked apple pies just make your knees crumble? Well, mine did. So I bought 2 pieces for dessert.

Finally, (yes finally!) I stopped by Crystal Jade bakery to take a quick peek. The shelves were lined with freshly baked bread and pastries in all kinds of yummy flavours. There were savoury buns and dimsum too. I bought 2 pieces of fragrant char shao puff (pastry with barbequed pork filling) that were baked to perfection, beautifully glazed and sprinked with sesame seeds on top.

I left Parco with a bag full of goodies for my family. What a decadent Sunday afternoon!


NafaSg said...

Hi ting,

Nice pictures you have posted it..

Keep up the great work my dear Singaporean friend =D


Unknown said...

Oh my God. Today is the start of my 7-day diet and this post is tempting me so badly...

Anonymous said...

I have now learned NEVER to read your blog on an empty stomach. Excuse me while I go ingest everything in my fridge!!

Anonymous said...

Really blur,,, more FOOD!

Blur Ting said...

Hehe, I feel like a pig now. Oink!

The Real Mother Hen said...

ahhhhh I could almost imagine walking through Bugis with you and eating everything...