Thursday, 30 August 2007

Police at work

I stepped into the office to find my colleague on the phone. When I walked in, she handed the phone to me, "It's the police. They want to speak to you."

I was both excited and puzzled. Why is the police looking for me so early in the morning?

Ah! As it turns out, the police wanted to seek my advice on shipping containers. They are trying to trace the owners of 2 containers and had wanted to know how to identify the owners from the prefix. Since our company sells shipping containers, I was able to render assistance right away.

In the process of giving him the details, I tried to do some investigation of my own. "Do you know the colours of the containers?"

"Don't know yet. We haven't visited the crime scene."

Wah, crime scene!! Does that sound exciting or what? CSI:NY had an episode where they found a flattened corpse between 2 containers. I wonder what's happening here...

I'm so curious to ask but being the good citizen, I gave them the details and hung up. Let the real police do their work. I should mind my own business.


SOUL said...

that's pretty cool... i don't know if i could have kept my mouth shut. i woulda been what happened...where are they......umm sir, i can't help you unless i see the containers. ha. there ya go. csi blur vegas?
ok.. you did the right thing. good girl.
i would have too...but then i woulda been sayin.. i shoulda said i had to see em !!
laterz ...
ps.. thanks , for earlier.

J@n!ce said...

LOL!! So cute, I think you better don't get involved in the 'crime scene' there :)

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Anonymous said...

You might regret seeing the crime scene if mangled bodies are involved...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would be right there with you, Blur. I think "anonymous" :) is right that it could have been a visual you wouldn't want imprinted anywhere retrievable in your mind.

Still, I would have dying of curiosity as well.