Thursday 30 October 2008

4 kinds of women

My ex-husband is quite the skirt chaser. That's the reason why he's my ex. He once said, "There are only 4 kinds of women."

(i) the really beautiful ones who are so hard to get because they think they're the best. But he enjoys the challenge and can often get them because he's can be so charming and persistent.
(ii) the ugly ones whom he'll avoid. Yah, he can be such an ass.
(iii) the ones who are not interested in men whom he won't waste time on. He likes to fritter away his time doing stupid things but not on women who can't boost his ego.

And finally, he said, "...and the rest are women like you (yours truly) and WK (my best friend), the mass produced type that roll out of the factory. This kind will appeal to most men. That's why they get snatched up very quickly."

I didn't know whether to laugh or kick him across the room. Not that I tried of course because I was the meek factory goods, not that goddess with the big ego.

Whenever I look at the tumultous love life of many beautiful women, I can't help but think about his stupid analogy. Beautiful women get sought after by men with big ego. There are only few kinds of men with big ego - those who are rich and famous and the ones who think they're the best. Whichever type they are - they're all the self-centred type - life with them must be miserable.

The plain and simple girl-next-door appeals to the regular bloke with a regular ego. So while their life together may not be as colourful or glamourous as the rich and beautiful, they are better at managing their expectations and build happier relationships.


Anonymous said...

I dont know.. while your ex does sound like an ass...he might not be too far from the truth.. it's just that why go for all that passion and drama when you can have a clean and simple love? I hate melodrama and all that extra clutter... pure and simple...everyday life...that's what it's all about!

mooiness said...

As crass as your ex's thinking was, there's some element of truth in it. And your last paragraph - very profound.

Or put another way, people with lower expectations will get disappointed less. Whether or not low expectations are a good thing is a debate for another time. :)

huier said...

All I know is that you are definitely NOT mass produced. You're a lady of beauty n brains with loads of substance. Naturally, the cream of crop.

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

I don't know but most men I know treat women like they're a product to be used or something. And as a man I'm ashamed to say that maybe your ex may have a point there, though he still sounds like a jerk to me :D

Amel said...

Yikessss...that was quite something that your ex said!!! I once heard a friend said that her boyfriend said that many girls fell in love with him. YIKESSS!!! I cringed when I heard that!!!

And I don't like it when women are categorized like that!!!

For me, you're a fighter and a creative, strong, cheerful woman!!! :-)))

The Real Mother Hen said...

Hhmm... I'm plain and simple, but I live like I'm the Miss Universe! No no no, I live like I'm GOD! :)

No wonder people all run away from me! :)

Anonymous said...

Ting, I don't understand this at all.
You ARE one of the beautiful one's, but there is something strange about you.
You're beautiful (because I see you almost every day) and you are kind and loving and sweet and smart and funny.

I suppose you are an exception to the rule.

You are the type of woman real men look for. The type of woman these fake men long for.

Your Secret Admirer

The World According To Me said...

Give me a regular guy any day!
I try to stay away from men with egos!

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