Monday 13 October 2008


Today I read about a 10-year old boy who just became an orphan. We've read about him before. His mother and sister were burnt to death by their disgruntled domestic helper several years ago. Fortunately for him, he escaped death and was cared for by his ailing father. Sadly, his father died of kidney failure a couple of days ago.

The young boy remembers many happy weekends with his dad. Their favourite haunt was the East Coast Beach. Despite his failing kidney, his father did the best he could and I can imagine what was going through his head when he knew his days were numbered.

When I was newly divorced, my kids were 10 and 8. I was struggling to find a livelihood, had no assets and wasn't adequately insured. That thought plagued me constantly. What if I conked out one day? Who's going to 'inherit' my kids? I had a couple of guardians in mind. One was my brother. The other was my best friend. But I always wondered if they would be happy to take my kids in as their own. Of course there's a possibility that the kids would end up with my ex but that wouldn't make me Rest In Peace.

Watching them grow and becoming more independent takes a big load off my mind. In a few years, they will become matured adults and can care for themselves. Maybe other parents don't think about such things but to me, it's another important milestone.


Anonymous said...

It's an important milestone and it seems that you have much to be proud of. Now you no longer have to worry if something should ever happen. The boys can take care of themselves quite sufficiently. Good mom Blur!

Anonymous said...

It's perhaps the most important one. And one that you should be very proud of. You taught them to get to this point and they will use those lessions to shape their adulthood.

BTW, the Rose drink is heaven. The check is on it's way.


w said...

Interesting thoughts. One of the maxims of the scouts I believe is to be prepared because you never know what could happen.

It is important to think ahead and to think of your beloved ones too.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Jyankee said it very well.
It's a milestone, and as a friend, I'm really proud of you.

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