Thursday, 16 October 2008


Since I really have to go to the office and the kids will be out all day, I sent Rusty to my parents' place early this morning. He's beginning to enjoy these car rides, often standing on his hindlegs and peering out of the window as we travel on the highway.

As I drove through the big gates at 7.15am, dad was jogging around the yard as usual. Mum was in the garden giving the workers some instructions for the day. Cookie quickly crawled out from his favourite spot under my dad's car while my nieces rushed excitedly to the door to greet us. It's always comforting to come back home where life is peaceful and predictable.

My friend Mother Hen says this place is like a lighthouse but isn't it so true? Whenever I need any help with the kids or the pets or anything at all, this is where I'll come. I am still grateful to my parents for housing us for many years. That period helped me alot in getting my life back on track.

This is also the place where my nieces come to everyday while their parents are at work. In fact, they're staying over because their mum is in Bali attending a conference. It is a safe haven and they are under the watchful eyes and guidance of their loving grandparents.

I stepped into a house of busy chatter. Ting invited me to her pretend 'tea party' and treated me to 'coffee and cakes'. Her little sister is learning to scribble and is able to hold a pencil so well! It's also heartening to see that mum has a life outside the house now even though she still complains of terrible bouts of dizziness. To think that several months back, she even lacked the energy and confidence to walk to the porch.

Soon, I had to leave my little Rusty who was eagerly waiting for his next car ride. I snuck out as usual but I know he's in good hands. See you tomorrow Rusty!

Last night's dinner went very well. I cooked too much and we still have some leftovers in the fridge but a good host will never make a guest leave hungry. It was really fun to see Amel and her husband. She has been reading my blog and leaving comments but to see her in real life is indeed an interesting experience. She flew in from Indonesia and brought me some rice dumplings made by her mum and gifts from Finland. She's as sweet as the way I have known her from her blog. They'll spend the day in Sentosa today. I hope the weather stays nice and cool so they'll have a really memorable time in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Amel! Glad you guys could meet up!

Blur Ting said...

JY - I told her you said HELLO! She hasn't been checking her blog or emails, so I guess we'll only hear from here when she's back in Finland end of the month.

The World According To Me said...

Wow, how lovely, meeting someone through blogging! Sounds like you cooked yummy food as usual and you all had a nice evening.

w said...

Wow!!! I have just started trying to catch up with my blog friends and read Amelia's post about her trip and I read that she met you! Then, I ran to your blog to find out more! :) How fantastic! I wish I could meet one of my blog friends living abroad one day :)

Anonymous said...

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