Thursday, 23 October 2008

Heart warming

It has been another dull day at work. Our industry is pretty capital intensive and tagged to the global economy which is experiencing a slowdown at the moment. Some smaller shipping lines have already gone bust. The bigger ones are cutting their sailing capacity, everyone's cautious and wondering what the future is like.

The only joy of the day came in the evening when I received a call from Muji in Jakarta. I know it has nothing to do with work but still it is heart warming to hear her cheery voice again. She worked in my household for 8 years just after SK was born. The kids practically grew up having her as a playmate. She's affectionately known as their "Kakak" and she loved them like her own kids.

I remember SK used to whine when she was busy with housework. "I don't want Kakak to gosok (do ironing) or sapu (sweep). I want Kakak to play with me!" Indeed, she would spend afternoons in the park catching spiders or butterflies just to humour them.

When she calls every now and then to ask how we are, it always makes me smile. I do miss her like the way she says she misses me. I'm glad we stay in touch as friends. "Come to Singapore for a visit." I urged. She laughed.

I know she would be so happy to be here again. Indeed she came back to visit us about 2 years ago. It was a happy reunion. I met her husband and daughter for the first time and was pleased that she had finally settled down with a kid of her own. She makes a really good mum!

Talk about heart warming, I made a nice hot meal this evening. It has been raining quite alot lately which inspired me to make a hot pot using fish (pomfret and batang), vegetables and yam. I was trying to emulate the popular and expensive fish hot pot at the food stalls. It's not a very photogenic dish but it tasted very good actually.

Fish hot pot.

I did a stir-fried vegetable dish using fresh button mushrooms, shrimps and chive flowers. We all enjoyed this dish.

Pan fried chicken steak. The bottom is seasoned with black pepper and the top with teriyaki sauce.


The Real Mother Hen said...

When it's cold and wet, hot pot is the best.

Anonymous said...

Dinner looks lovely and tis the season for hot pot meals!!!!

Blur Ting said...

MH - Yes indeed. Do you make that at home?

Blur Ting said...

JY - Oh, the Japanese have shabu shabu!