Sunday 26 October 2008

Favourite things

Today's a public holiday because of Deepavali, the festival of lights. I remember blogging about this not too long ago. Looks like another year has flown by.

Since I've finished most of the chores over the weekend, it's going to be a fairly easy day for me. YK's friend is coming over to study with him, so SK and I are planning to hit the malls in search of a punching bag. Yes, a huge sandbag!

I have no idea where to start looking but he thinks we can find one at IMM Mall. I wonder where he's going to hang that thing or how we're going to lug it home. We'll see...

YK has drawn up a list of items for me to buy to add to his collection. Let's see.. copper, tin, zinc, hydrogen peroxide, test tubes, beaker, CH3COOH (aye, what's that? Oh, vinegar!) and so forth.

SK's school holidays has already started and I have nothing planned for him. He's going to start working out at the gym everyday which I think is a fantastic idea. I only hope he sticks to his resolution.

YK has another 3 more weeks to go before his final paper. The exams is really stretching too long, it's taking a toll on his sanity! He can't wait to renew his wardrobe after the exams. He's looking forward to the graduation night party coming up in November. They deserve to party after a year of hard work.

CH is busy packing. His family is finally moving back to their family home after living in a rental house for several years. They have torn down their old house and have rebuilt into 4 chic homes. Finally the siblings will be living near each other again. So enviable. I'm sure his dog will be happy to be back at the familiar grounds again.

YK's learning a new song on his keyboard. SK's in his room reading comics. I should go do the laundry now. Yah, we're all indulging in our favourite activities.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Ah, rest well on a holiday :)

Anonymous said...

Have a good relaxing well-deserved holiday!

Amel said...

Yeah, YK does deserve to have a party after all that hard work! ;-D

It's WONDERFUL to live close to one another for CH and his family! :-))) My brother's also looking for a small house nearby my parents' house these days. :-))))

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