Friday 10 October 2008

Typical Saturday

It's another typical Saturday morning. I take a brisk 7-minute walk to the market down the hill to get the newspapers, breakfast and groceries. Sometimes I see my neighbour walking her sweet brown labrador which reminds me alot of Cookie.

I arrive at the market and go systematically from stall to stall. The walk back to the apartment is a tiring one. If you try walking up a hill carrying 10kg of groceries, you'll know what I mean.

Back home, I put everything away neatly in bags and containers for easy access during the work week. I find it's a good habit to organise stuff on a quiet Saturday morning so that I don't have to scramble around the kitchen like a mad woman on a weekday.

I wash and trim the prawns, cut the fish fillet into smaller slices and pack them in smaller portions. Everything goes into airtight boxes so that the freezer doesn't smell like a fish market.

I get the vegetables sorted out and stored away in the vegetable compartment. Darn it! I forgot to buy some fruits today.

When work is done in the kitchen, I make myself a cup of coffee and head to the patio with the papers and my breakfast (usually peanut pancake or sweet potato). This is my favourite part of the morning.

But the morning is marred by the news in the papers. The economy is in dire straits. Page after page of gloom really leave a bad taste in my mouth. I can't help but feel a little jittery about the situation. The government is urging people to cut down on frivolous spending, travel less, eat out less, save electricity etc. Technically, we are facing a recession and it's only going to get worse. Hey, I've just started paying my mortgage for goodness sake!

Funny we were at Bugis Square last night and the whole mall was still buzzing with people. We had dinner at Crystal Jade and the seats were filling up so quickly, there were no signs of a recession looming ahead. As we drove by Astons (famous for their steaks), there was a long snaking line of people waiting to get in. Further down the road, Ice Cream Chef was also packed. Maybe after reading the papers today, the news will finally sink in and people will stop going out. .

I give up reading the papers after a while and think I'll find more joy in doing laundry instead. YK has gone out to study with his friends. His exam is looming ahead while SK had finished his yesterday. When I'm done with laundry, I'll make my way to town to collect my race pack for The Great Eastern 10k Run next week. Then I really should head straight home. Shopping can wait. Even window shopping.


Anonymous said...

Yes. but even with the recession and bad times... food is food and if it can be found cheaply...people will continue to go out and enjoy their meals. If individually it can be is such a simple pleasure in life...much better than wasting on gambling and other stuff you know?
Good luck with the race and hope you're having a good weekend! It's a 3 day weekend here!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh fresh prawns and fish fillet, yum yum.
Good luck on your run Ting.

w said...

I know what you mean...I have just started repaying the mortgage too :(

I love your Saturday morning routine :) Sounds like a lot of fun and really relaxing! :)

Mike Minzes said...

Sounds like the perfect Saturday! Except for the recession stuff.

But as you can see, this "recession" we are headed for is just a state of mind. It's not as bad as the press makes it out to be.

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

I just love that patio of yours :D Looks so relaxing ...

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