Thursday 9 October 2008

Nice food, no pixs

I must admit last night's dinner was rather slipshod. The chicken fillets tasted like cardboard after spending all day in the crockpot. The kids say our Wednesday quickie dinners are not very tantalising. Even SK, the easiest to feed, commented, "I don't really like such ready-made dinners..."

Enough said! I didn't enjoy last night's dinner either and decided to redeem myself in the kitchen today. I tried a new "Sweet and sour pork" recipe and it was successful despite the lack of essential ingredients like pineapple and capsicum. The meat was tender yet crispy on the outside and the sauce was tangy and tasty.

I cooked a squid dish using cured squid and spring onion harvested from my garden. This is one of the kids' favourites and they always enjoy the dish no matter how I prepare it.

I also did a stir-fry using sweet peas and Japanese white mushrooms. Lastly, I made a simple soup using thinly sliced bitter gourd, fish slices, prawns, fresh sweet corn and carrot. Everyone loved it. I particularly liked the little crunchy corn kernels which added a new dimension to the savoury soup.

Tonight's dinner was much more enjoyable compared to the shoddy meal I made yesterday. Too bad, I didn't take any photos because we were all hungry and ready to tuck in the moment CH arrived.

If I had brought out my camera instead of the chopsticks, I would be greeted with howls of protest.


WaterLearner said...

How about starting a Cooking Class call The Blur Kitchen? .. You can really cook and seem to really enjoy cooking

w said...

I love Sweet and sour pork. In fact I was thinking of having that for dinner today :)

Camera or chopsticks :) Tough choice :)

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

I absolutely love sweet and sour pork though I haven't eaten it for ages now ... Must go pester wifey to whip that up for me this weekend :D