Sunday 12 October 2008


My phone rang when I was on the way to work. Strange. Nobody calls me at 7am in the morning. It was YK who wanted to know where I've kept Rusty's leash.

"Why? I've already walked him this morning", I replied.

Apparently Rusty had an upset tummy and needed to go to the 'bathroom". Now I know why he wasn't interested in his breakfast this morning. YK says he's fine now. At least he's sleeping and not whimpering.

YK's exams is about to start and he doesn't have any more classes in school. So he's keeping Rusty company. However, he's going back to school later this morning to meet a teacher and some friends. It'll be my turn to baby-sit Rusty then.


Anonymous said...

The big baby!

Anonymous said...

oh no... hope Rusty's tummy-ache goes away...