Friday 10 October 2008

Lunch break

I took some time off during lunch hour to prepare dinner. Yes, you heard correctly. I was cooking dinner at 1pm so that I can go out tonight without worrying about what the kids are going to eat in the evening.

I was running some errands in town and decided to pop by the supermarket. They were replenishing new stock and I simply couldn't resist these nice looking shells. I bought some mussels, clams and chicken meat and headed straight home to make a pasta dish and Thai green curry.

After cleaning the shells, I tossed them into a pan with chilli, garlic and olive oil .

When the mussels were cooked, I removed the meat and threw away the shells as they were taking up too much space.

Penne pasta boiling away.

With the shells out of the way, I increased the fire and poured in a can of diced tomato and pasta sauce. I added a pinch of salt and generous amount of black pepper.

When the penne was about ready (actually slightly under-cooked so that it will absorb the stock), I mixed them together with the seafood base.

Dinner was ready at 1.30pm. By the time the kids eat this, the pasta would be cold but it's ok, they like it this way. Unlike other brands in the market, the 'Marks & Spencer" pasta stays firm for a long time and will not end up too soggy.

I also made Thai chicken curry which I transfered into my new thermal pot. This is a small (1.5L) one that came together (free) with the other 6L one. At least this curry dish will stay hot until dinner.

I cooked green bean and barley soup for dessert too. I hope the kids will enjoy their dinner.


mooiness said...

Wow! You removed the meat from the shell??? That's a very mom thing to do. And I'm sure your kids would love that dinner. It looks awesome. :)

WaterLearner said...

Lucky boys with such a doting mom. Pat Tor day also must consider all areas for the two darlings first.

Blur Ting said...

Mooiness - Actually the meat starting falling off and I was like "Heck, just remove lah.."

Quite tedious but too mumsy for my own good.

Blur Ting said...

Water - yah lor. must make sure everyone is taken care of properly or else cannot go out peacefully. Sometimes they will call and ask, "Got this? How to cook that?" How to pat tor like that?

Anonymous said...

Wow... so prepared! And removing all the meat from the shells.. I wouldn't have... LOL..but it looks delish and the kids don't have to fend for themselves AND they get a homecooked meal!

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