Thursday 9 October 2008

Pot shot

It's strange how this week just slipped by so quickly without any fanfare. I used to recollect the days of the week by the deals we've made at work. Well, nothing spectacular has happened all week, I hope it ends with a big bang today!

It's funny how I remember my vacations by what what I wore each day. It sounds silly but it works for me. When you're on a holiday, you forget the days and places, they all become mashed up in your memory bank.

It works like this - I was wearing my pink kaftan top during our first day in Paris. It was flapping in the wind as we walked along the Champs Elysee and hopped onto the train to Sacre Coeur and wandered about the artist village nursing an ice cream. It was a hot day, so I'm glad I wore this light summer shirt. We ate crepes for lunch and a kebab dinner at a Turkish restaurant. Maybe the intellectuals call this linking memory but whatever it is, it helps me recall things.

These days, I tend to remember my week by the dinners I've made. As you already know, my meals this week were so blah, an unspectacular week just flew by in a blur.

Talking about dinners, I got excited when I saw the thermal wonder cooker going at half price at Takashimaya Store. I've been eyeing on that cooker for weeks and now that it is on offer, I'm going to scoot right over to grab it.

This $99 is going to be money well spent. Think of how much I will save on my electric bills from now on. It works on thermal technology instead of electricity. I put in hot food and it continues cooking on its own. The kids will return home to a hot meal after school. This is especially good for SK who's not really adept in the kitchen. There are no knobs or switch to fiddle with or fear of getting scalded.

When I was young, mum used to put barley in a thermos flask filled with hot water before bedtime. We would wake up to a bowl of hot barley soup in the morning. It works like a magic cooker. When YK was little, I bought a thermal jug and lugged it everywhere we went. He always had a hot meal. My mum still jokes about how mumsy I was then. I still am.

This useful little pot has been passed down to my brothers. It's 16 years old but still works like a dream. I'll be thrilled if my new thermal pot can last that long too.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Yeah good move to get that thermal pot considering the cost of electricity nowadays. Happy cooking :)

Anonymous said...

Happy cooking to you! Hope you have new pics from this thermal pot!

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

It's been a surreal week for me without internet access. But thank god the week is almost over!

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