Thursday, 23 October 2008


The newspaper is filled with sales advertisements today. From groceries to kitchen appliances to mattresses... buyers are spoilt for choice.

Some are really good buys at rock bottom prices. If this were a month back, I would be at the store when the shutters open to grab that oven, sandwich maker or Canon camera I had been eyeing on. But I ask myself, "Do I really need these now?" Of course the answer is "No!"

When I was at the supermarket yesterday, I had a sudden craving for Teochew braised (lor) duck but was quite appalled to find the price of a fresh duck has risen to $15. I used to buy one for $8 to $9 dollars. I decided to put the duck back since I was only cooking for the boys and myself last night. I'm not even sure if they like duck very much. It would be more prudent for me to cook for my extended family during the weekend. I know how my dad and brothers love this Teochew dish.

Even though we've had a good year in business, it's still wise to watch our budget. Maybe that expensive vacation can wait but we can certainly afford to eat wholesome meals at home.

It's ironic Singapore JewelFest 2008, Asia's most luxurious jewellery festival, is happening right now in Singapore. There's a whole supplement in the papers showing exquisite creations that pay tribute to nature's splendour - pages of glittering rare gems and diamonds, pearls and precious metals. In my humble opinion, it's probably not the best time to showcase these so called 'Gifts from Mother Nature" in times like this. I really wish them all the best.

In my books, gifts from mother nature are simple things like the greenery, fresh produce from the earth and the crisp air that we breathe. Things that are bountiful and free. Unfortunately, these are the gifts that we often take for granted as we seek and lust after the unattainable.


Anonymous said...

In fairness the JewelFest was probably planned long ago, far ahead of any financial meltdown. Just bad timing for them.

You eaten anything from your garden yet?

Blur Ting said...

I thought so too. It's all too bad.

Yah- the mint, chilli, pandan leaf, lime and spring onion. Not that these can keep me alive but at least they can be used to enhance the dishes.

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

You're right about those sale ads. Wifey saw they're having a huge MetroJaya warehouse sale over here and we're probably going there this afternoon ... LOL!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh, food prices have gone insane here too.

Anonymous said...

This epidemic is everywhere, just talked to SIL on the phone... at the core of the problem in the US...things are really bad there too... luckily for my brother and SIL, they are on the better end of the economic spectrum...