Friday, 3 October 2008

Friday night walk

As it turns out, we didn't have dinner at KTM Railway station afterall. Thanks to my idea of taking the train to town instead of driving, we ended up in Raffles Place at dinner time. It was too far to get to KTM on foot and too much trouble to take a bus.

As we were both hungry, we walked into the nearest food court and ordered Korean food instead. You can never go wrong with Korean food. I have never had any bad experience so far and last night's dinner was no exception. We had ginseng chicken soup, beef on hotplate and spicy kimchi noodles. I love the side dishes of seasoned dried anchovies and kimchi.

After our spirits were revived, we took a bus to KTM about 5 stops away. Here are some photos of the railway station. Compared to the other buildings in our city, this one has been left relatively untouched since it was built decades ago.

The clock had stopped working years ago. I used to drive past this building for many years and had never seen anyone fix it.

Like all grand Colonial buildings, this has beautiful arches, high ceilings and a lovely cul-de-sac.

These posters promoting train destinations including Singapore, Penang and Thailand must have been printed before I was even born! They are so retro.

Passengers waiting to board. As you can see, it's another quiet night. Traveling by train is no longer very popular. It's faster and more comfortable to travel by bus and plane these days.

From KTM, we walked up the long road leading to Raeburn Park looking for Seventh Heaven. CH was smart enough to come in his walking shoes. I was wearing a pair of sandals which was comfortable enough to shop in but not so ideal for long walks. Of all nights to leave the car at home, I had to choose this one!

The ice cream parlour was empty when we arrived. I was really excited to see the menu and indulge in sinfully rich ice cream. When I asked the wait staff for recommendations, a very attractive lady in a little black party frock and high black boots emerged from the kitchen and started to describe her creations in the most passionate manner. All I could say was "Yes! Yes! Yes! Bring it on!"
She hurried into the kitchen and soon the store started filling up very quickly. It's a popular place indeed! Here is what we had - vanilla ice cream with buttered pecan and Kahlua. The ice cream was very smooth and milky, you can taste the premium quality right away. Incidentally, I like the wafer very much.

Vanilla ice cream with butter pecan and Kahlua milk. It's served with a brandied cherry in a small shot glass.
After reading about the highly acclaimed warm chocolate cake, we had to try that as well. The freshly baked cake was so warm, rich and moist, it was like eating pure molten chocolate. Every mouth was heavenly. It came with a scoop of the delicious vanilla ice cream.
To be honest, I'm not a big lover of milk, so whilst the vanilla was really good, it was too much for me in one night. CH enjoyed it thoroughly. I should have chosen another flavour, maybe something lighter on the palette like their famous granita.
After the sinful treat, I had to stop by a coffeeshop, enroute to the bus stop for a cup of tea to wash everything down. Once we boarded the bus, I slept all the way home. It must be the liquor or the milk.


mooiness said...

Ah KTM. A Singaporean friend of mine jest that you know you are walking into what's technically Malaysia because of how it's maintained in parts. That is, not so well. :P

But the mamak stall is good - Ramli burger! And the time I went late one night, there were lotsa cops, both undercover and uniformed.

Blur Ting said...

Quite right Moo. Looks like they've done some repainting to the hall but the mamak stall at the back looks the same like aways. We were planning to eat there actually, maybe nasi bryani with teh halia.

Blur Ting said...

I've never seen any cops there though..

Amel said...

Can't wait to roam the streets in Singapore he he he he...

That ice cream looks delicious mmmmm...

I have to browse more tonight to see what else I should do or eat he he he he...

Anonymous said...

Looks great and SQ is so unique in a way that when you walk thru various parts...there are so many different cultures and architecture to see!