Friday, 4 July 2008

Chomp Chomp

With traffic snarl on almost every highway last night, we ended up at Chomp Chomp hawker centre in Serangoon Estate which is a short drive away from CH's office.

Everybody knows Chomp Chomp simply because it has been around since 1972. The food centre is well known for serving local delicacies like carrot cake, hokkien mee, ice kachang, satay, grilled seafood and satay beehoon.

We were lucky to arrive early to find seats quickly. The crowd started to swell while we were halfway through our meal. People were milling around waiting for a place to sit. One lady, carrying a young restless child, stood 2 feet away from our table, watching our seats like a hawk. Needless to say, she managed to make me feel uneasy. When I got up halfway through our meal and returned with a bowl of ice kaching dessert, I could see the disappointment in her face.

I don't like eating under pressure especially on my Friday night out but thank goodness the food made it all worthwhile.

CH ordered a cup of sugar cane drink and the vendor brought a gigantic cup! Yah, I know the weather is hot but we really didn't need such a huge cup. We couldn't even finish it.

The grilled stingray on banana leaf was really tender, spicy and delicious. Perfect!

We sat near the hokkien mee stall and after looking at all the wonderful photos on display, we both agreed that we needed to eat some of that. It turned out to be really delish.

When we are at a hawker centre, oyster omelette is a dish that we will invariably order. I guess only a local will appreciate an egg dish cooked with raw oysters and starch. Years ago, I treated an American friend to some of this and he later admitted that it was the most horrible thing he had tasted all his life. He doesn't know what he is missing out!


MakeTraffic said...

Hi BT, you are invited to hop on to the TechnoFav train

jyankee said...

Dont worry.. I'll take whatever those Americans don't eat!!! LOL

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ahhhh food! :)

The World According To Me said...

Wow, they all look darn good!