Thursday, 10 July 2008

Good move

I'm nursing a cup of black coffee in my new work space. It's nice to discover that the food court downstairs sells great coffee. It's been years since I drank black 'kopitiam' coffee. I love the strong robust flavour of Kopi-O, it's like drinking liquid gold. Oh, it's going to be tough getting used to drinking instant coffee again.

Too bad, black coffee stains the teeth over time, so I've got to limit my intake. I'm already turning yellow from a diet rich in beta-carotene, I don't need yellow pearlies to match. Thank you very much.

The new office is running smoothly now. Thanks to our friend Looi who's so efficient in setting up the network and routers, we could resume life right after the furniture was in place.

I'm no longer sitting by the window. This could be a good thing because then I wouldn't spend too much time gazing outside and daydreaming away. I now have a practical workspace, flanked by a large world map and file cabinets, sans the distractions like my personal library, photos and toys which are now stored away in the cabinet.

I like the feel of working here already. To me, it is important to feel good about the place you work and live in. Maybe it has something to do with the fengshui but when you feel positive, you embrace life and feel that you can conquer the world.

Well, maybe I am high on caffeine... but yup, it's a good move!


The Real Mother Hen said...

Good to hear that. And yes, any place near a kopitiam is a good place :)

If you get tired of kopi-o, you can try teh-o, milo-peng, hengjin-o (I like that but it isn't popular in Singapore). Lots of choices :)

mooiness said...

Sounds like a good move (pun). Show us some pics soon when you can. :)

charlie Hotel said...

If I invent a caffeine patch, think of all the teeth I could save!
When do we get the grand visit?

The World According To Me said...

You definitely need to feel good vibes about a place, and drink good coffee!

Glad to hear you are feeling good in your new working environment.