Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Running Kaki

With my running kakis (fellow runners).

I was trying hard to pace my friend BY, a seasoned runner, on Sunday but lost her very quickly as she broke free from the pack and surged ahead. I started too fast and got winded very soon.

When I spotted her resting under the shade after the race, I asked her a silly question. "You were so fast, it must have been easy for you. Weren't you tired at all?" She smiled and replied, "Of course I was tired but I pushed myself to go on."

I've been running for years, I should know by now how it feels to run in a race. The good runners look like they can breeze through a marathon effortlessly. Trust me, they experience the same agony and exhaustion as any other runner out there. In fact, at that kind of speed, they hurt even more.

Regular training helps to lessen some of the pain and talent may give them an edge but they are human afterall. They get the same muscle aches and cramps as we do. They get winded and dehydrated too, regardless of how many marathons they've had behind them. What they have is determination and willpower.

Each time I put on my running shoes, I am filled with admiration for the fellow runners out there. Every step is an effort. Running never gets easier, especially with age. It is worse after a long hiatus. That's why runners dislike injuries or long breaks, unless they don't plan to run ever again.

If you have never run before, please put on your running shoes and go running today. Your legs feel so heavy, you're winded, exhausted and can't go on any longer. Yah, that's exactly how we feel too. But it's so worth it!

And running can be so rewarding too. I found a 50 cent coin while running with CH last week. On Monday, while I was running with SK, I found a shiny $5 note on the track!


WaterLearner said...

Thanks for this post. I would push myself harder to train. It's good to have kakis to run with. Wonder if I am anti-social or what, I don't mind running alone leh. :-)

Blur Ting said...

Hi Water - I thought of this post when I was running yesterday. After Sunday's run, my legs still ache but I told myself must persevere. I like running alone too. Group running is fine but our group is too fast, I feel under pressure to catch upor I slow them down. I like running with CH too because it is very relaxing but he says that at our slow pace, we won't improve :-)

I think a combination of the above is good. You may want to consider asking your hubby to join you. Or you can join Tampines Safra running group.

Nick Phillips said...

A well written post. I have to agree with every single word you wrote there.

I'm always full or respect for just about anyone who runs. The will and determination I see in them is what at times spur me on.

charlie hotel said...

I find that even at our relaxed pace, having Blur beside me makes me run just a little harder. So I'm definitely for having a run buddy who is of a similar level as you.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ohhhhh I'll be out hiking with friends tomorrow, and hopefully I find some money along the hike :)

Amel's Realm said...

I'm not a fan of running, esp. when it's cold outside he he he...it's also worse when it's SO hot outside, so I ADMIRE all of you who love running. :-))) Such determination, such inspiration! I must get back on track with my Taebo and I should add an extra session after my training is over (prior to my going back to Indo) he he he...