Friday, 25 July 2008

Morning run

After an artery-clogging meal of bak kut teh (peppery pork rib soup) and braised pork knuckles last night, I couldn't bear to skip running this morning. Since it's a cool and bright Saturday morning, I brought my camera along with me. I've been running along the perimeter of an old army barrack these couple of months. The just under 5km route is pleasant and shady.

Starting point.

Inside the army camp. When I was in the National Cadet Corps in secondary school, we used to come here for training. We learned to strip and clean the rifle here.

The MRT train runs through here.

That's me running along the road. Guess who shot the picture? My new running buddy, SK!

We ran through the park connector. Can you see the MRT train overhead?

That's SK running ahead of me.

We don't have creeks and cascades along the way, but we have canals and running water.

As you can see, the old barrack is out of bounds.

The fence is now covered with morning glory.

Someone made a hole in the fence. They probably went in to pick fruits. I saw lots of rambutan and mango trees laden with fruits.

The Buddhist temple a the end of our route.

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charlie Hotel said...

Go SK! She'll make a runner of you yet.