Saturday, 26 July 2008

Saturday happenings

I brought the boys out for lunch at our favourite Ajisen Ramen restaurant today. Of all the branches we had been to, the one at Lot 1 remains our favourite. For some reason, the food is tastier here. Maybe they have more experienced kitchen staff.

I tried the Volcano Ramen, touted to be the spicest dish in Ajisen. It wasn't tongue numbing hot and the soup was so delicious! YK had the Spicy Ramen while SK ordered a special Hokkaido seafood rice dish.

Volcano Ramen on the left, Spicy Ramen on the right. I couldn't find SK's dish on Ajisen's website.

We ordered some sides too - California Maki and Chicken Teriyaki.

We stopped by Ikea after lunch to find the entire store packed to the hilt. I couldn't find that candlestand that I was eyeing on but YK picked another one that's pretty similar. Unfortunately the cashier couldn't find the item in his system. Instead of holding up the line, he suggested we forgo the item and purchase it on another day. Oh well... it wasn't on discount anyway.
Since HortPark is pretty nearby, we swung by to have a quick look. It's my third visit but the boys' first. Being a new attraction, it was rather crowded too.

We were surrounded by lush greenery.

YK loves this bi-colour plant which has purple underside. We're going to plant this in our patio.

This old tree is draped with a kind of air plant. The effect is pretty interesting.

Lovely garden patch.

An attractive herb and spice garden.

I like this too.

I have a soft spot for this grass-like plant.

A cheerful and colourful garden.

We found this Heliconia in an unusual lilac colour. Really pretty.
Tonight we celebrated my sis-in-law's birthday. August is the month of many birthdays in our household. Next on the list is my other sis-in-law's followed by my brother's birthday.

Happy Birthday YL!


The Real Mother Hen said...

Ohhh whenever I see that ramen pictures, I get very hungry... man I better go and get something to eat now!

Blur Ting said...

Hi MH, I was gonna dd that your birthday is in August too! Happy birthday in advance!